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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Questions for the GOP Debates

Hugh Hewitt has 10 good ones.

I'd also throw in one about judges, covering some of the following: How would each candidate describe his judicial philosophy, which justice's work best exemplifies it, is the filibuster a legitimate tactic for opposing a Supreme Court nominee, and what -- if any -- measure(s) would the candidates support for combatting such a tactic?


Blogger Wile E Coyote said...

Coyote here.

Most, if not all, of Hewitt's 10 questions are silly and suggest why Huckabee appealed to so many in Iowa.

1. Support nominee. No one in his right mind supports anybody without qualification or reservation.

2. Matching funds. Do what best supports chances of winning.

3. Iran. All options on table, of course.

4. Law of Sea and Int'l Criminal Court Treaties. On the top of everybody's mind these days.

5. How many miles of border fence. Federal mandates the fence; President's oath requires faithful execution of office. For specific number of miles, ask an engineer/contractor.

6. If W's stated reason for war - WMD -- was not a pretext, then of course decision was not a good one.

7. 600-ship Navy. Would 600 row boats satisfy Hugh? Question is what is the threat and what are the resources required to me it?

8. Circuit Court overturning of Federal Marriage Act. Appeal to Supremes, duh.

9. What to do if Fairness Doctrine included in a bill. Depends on what else is in the bill, doesn't it?

10. How to beat Obama? What, and tell Hillary how? (Also, if Hugh's so smart, why doesn't he tell us while he's busy painting the map red?)

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