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Friday, January 04, 2008

What to Do Next

Over at National Review, John O'Sullivan takes note of Iowa's aftermath.

Perhaps the most memorable line of his piece is as follows:

It seems clear that we should do all we can to help revive the Romney campaign. If that fails, we face a choice between Huckabee and McCain.

As I observed last night, the destruction of the Romney campaign could well result in GOP voters being forced into a McCain-Huckabee choice. That's something McCain likes, of course, secure in the knowledge that such a face-off would mean certain support for him from any conservative who values national security.

But either Huckabee or McCain would spell doom for the durable, principled and longstanding Reagan coalition whether it's Huckabee's economic demagoguing and tax-raising or McCain's contempt for tax cuts; Huckabee's "compassionate conservatism" on steroids or McCain's embrace of campaign finance "reform"; or both men's support for soft immigration policies. Both have expressed disdain and contempt for important segments of the Republican base. And either would be nothing but cannon fodder for the Democratic nominee. Huckabee's homespun style, ignorance of foreign affairs and ethical problems would be amplified by the press; so would McCain's age, health and temperament issues.

Mitt Romney may not be everybody's cup of tea. But he has a first-rate mind, a proven record of being able to get things done, the money to compete with any Democratic nominee, and the ability to forge unity within a party that would be splintered badly by any other candidate with a shot at getting the nomination.

Remember: The lefties in the MSM who adore Huckabee or McCain aren't looking out for the GOP. They want to witness the destruction of the Reagan coalition, the marginalization of religion in public life (a cause advanced by the division engendered by Huckabee's overt sectarian appeals) and victory for a Democrat who will make nice with terrorists, raise taxes, and stock the Supreme Court with judicial activists who will ensure the viability of Roe v. Wade into the next generation.


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