Carol Platt Liebau: What NOT to do next -- worry

Friday, January 04, 2008

What NOT to do next -- worry

This is guest blogger wile e coyote.

The sky is not falling. No MSM conspiracy is brainwashing people in Iowa and New Hampshire into voting for Huckabee or McCain. We don't face a choice between Romney and doomsday.

If Romney can't take a hit and line up for the next play, he doesn't deserve the nomination. (Where was McCain two months ago?) Personally, I think Romney will be a more appealing candidate with some dirt on his uniform and blood on his face. Nobody trusts perfection.

Reports of the Giuliani campaign's death (as unmentioned in Carol's post as Iraq in Democratic debates) are greatly exaggerated.

The essentials for a President are judgment and grip. At a gestalt level, the voters ask, "Does the candidate 'get' it, and can s/he deliver?"

Huckabee certainly gets it from the Evangelical view, but the Republican party -- and the country -- are wider than this view. If the party cannot succeed without putting forward an uncompromising evangelical, the party will have to experience defeat and to give the Democrats a chance to fail sufficiently to allow formation of a new conservative majority that does not require uncompromising evangelicals.

Primaries allow the parties to figure out what they stand for and who deserves to lead them by letting the voters have their say. It is a messy, expensive marketplace of ideas -- and I defy anyone to point out a better way.

Things are going great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Using the definition of "evangelical" that I find in an online Dictionary and at Wikipedia, I am an evangelical. I do not ususally using this term to describe myself, but there it is. Having said this, if Huckabee is the Republican nominee for president, I will not vote for him. I have never voted for a democrat for president and do not anticipate any change of attitude now. But, I just can't bring myself to vote for someone like Huckabee.

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