Carol Platt Liebau: Romney "Goes on Attack"?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Romney "Goes on Attack"?

This NY Sun story reports that Mitt Romney went "on the attack" against Mike Huckabee last night.

To the extent it was a strategy, it worked. First, my sense is that Mitt Romney has a little bit of a "goody two shoes" problem with some voters. His willingness to get in there and mix it up, live and on camera, demonstrated to potential voters that he can be a fighter -- and that's lucky, because whoever the nominee is, he's going to need to be willing and able to climb in the ring against some hefty odds.

Second, as I noted last night, Mike Huckabee's response didn't work. He seemed evasive and then peevish. And that's not going to work in the heat and glare of a presidential election, as Republicans know.


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