Carol Platt Liebau: Democrats: Pull Up a Chair, Pop Up the Corn

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Democrats: Pull Up a Chair, Pop Up the Corn

Wow, this is fun. Hillary Clinton doesn't deal well with stress. She looks tense and sounds shrill. Barack Obama is taking her to the cleaners, because she can't help but sound desperate and negative. Next to her, he comes off as rational, statemsmanlke and like much more of an electoral threat to the GOP.

For someone who has been touted as the smartest woman in the world, what was she thinking to respond to the first question about Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan with rhetoric about what "we" did "ten years ago"? Talk about tin-eared -- talking about the past, and trying to take credit as a co-Commander-in-Chief when everyone knew that defense policy is the one place she wasn't involved . . .

Oh boy, this is entertaining. John Edwards has clearly decided that he will help Barack take out Hillary, before (presumably) he goes after Obama himself. Hillary is rattled, and she's either jettisoning her efforts to come across as "likable," or else she just really can't do it under pressure.

The problem for her, ultimately, is that people just don't like her, and tonight, she's making the problem worse by coming across more than ever like Nurse Ratched. The fun of watching these guys go at it almost compensates for the pain of watching Republicans tackle each other.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was rather interesting how the debate broke down into two tag-teams, with Edwards covering Obama, while Richardson played wingman to Clinton.

I agree this was not a good night for Hillary. Edwards had the best of the debate, while Obama looked and acted precisely how you expect a front-runner to look and act. I would provide the caveat, however, that Hillary at her worst still had a better night than any of the Republicans. If Senator Clinton was Nurse Ratched, where does the leave Senator McCain? The zombies in I Am Legend were more likable than the crotchety old man I saw on television tonight.

I will admit to being seriously disappointed, however, that no one on the Democratic side was willing to talk about returning the United States to the gold standard. ;)

10:55 PM  
Blogger stackja1945 said...

Carol, Dems want a messiah. Whether black, white, male or female they not sure.

12:35 AM  

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