Carol Platt Liebau: Hillary Is Not Getting Out

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hillary Is Not Getting Out

Despite the rumors on the Drudge Report.

She has not come so far and worked so tirelessly for so many years to see "eight years for him, eight years for her" thrown out after a state or two, especially when she's noting that her husband lost both Iowa and New Hampshire (although, in truth, the analogy works better for Mitt Romney than for Hillary Clinton; Bill in '92 and Romney now were/are still unknown to many -- her problem is that she's known too well).

In any case, the argument that it will be "humiliating" to continue to lose holds no water. Mrs. Clinton is, as America knows, not someone who embarasses easily, or who goes away in the face of embarassment (whether personal or political). As for the "Clinton brand," she's not worried about damage to it; with diminishing hopes of being President, its value to her is significantly reduced.

Hillary to voters: "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going". The only difference? It doesn't look like she's much of a "dreamgirl" at this point.


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