Carol Platt Liebau: We Want to Lose!

Friday, January 05, 2007

We Want to Lose!

That seems to be the message of the Pelosi/Reid letter to the President,arguing against sending more troops to Iraq.

Of course, people of good conscience can disagree about the best way to achieve victory in Iraq, and may even oppose a military "surge." Some, like Jed Babbin (as expressed in a radio interview last week) are convinced that there needs to be a holistic political solution -- including confronting the Iranian threat -- before military security can be achieved. Others think that political progress can only be attained after military security has been effected. But at least they're disagreeing about the best way for the US and its interests to prevail.

In contrast, neither Reid nor Pelosi offers even the pretense of being interested in anything but a policy of defeat and retreat. They have no ideas for improving the situation -- their only recommendation is to cut 'n run.

Welcome to the Democratic Congress.


Blogger R Platt said...

The worst thing that could happen to the leftist Democrats in congress is for the United States to achieve its strategic goals in Iraq. Therefore, look for Pelosi, Reid and their gangs to do everything possible to subvert our pending war plans and undermine the progress of the war.

8:27 AM  

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