Carol Platt Liebau: McCain's Big Problem

Thursday, January 04, 2007

McCain's Big Problem

This piece about John McCain in Vanity Fair does a lot to explain why so many Republicans are hostile to his candidacy.

Titled "Prisoner of Conscience," a summary before the article reads as follows:

Given his popular status as a maverick war hero, John McCain has a good shot at winning the 2008 presidential election—if he can get his party to nominate him. But one minute he's toeing the conservative line (on gay marriage, say, or immigration) and the next he's telling someone what he really thinks.

Get it? McCain doesn't really believe all those horrible conservative things, the author insists, which is why it's OK to admire him, even if he is a Republican.

Nor is the identity of the author, an obvious McCain fan (despite his remarkable forthrightness about McCain's formidable temper), likely to make Republicans think any more positively of the Arizona senator. The mash note is written by Todd Purdum, late of The New York Times, now national editor of Vanity Fair -- and, of course, former Clinton press secretary DeeDee Myers' husband.

Was this piece intended to help McCain? Perhaps. But for the Republican base he's got to win over, it does just the opposite, confirming every sense of mistrust. After all, you've got a member in good standing of the despised (by Republican primary voters) MSM praising McCain, and pretty openly suggesting that he's not really a conservative.

Could McCain's presidential primary opponents have asked for any more?


Blogger Greg said...

John McCain's BIG PROBLEM is John McCain.

5:23 AM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...

I will respect John McCain. I will Honor John McCain. I cannot relish voting for him. I believe, sadly, the the trauma he received in our name has imposed itself on too many issues.

However if he is the Republican candidate and a member of the Socialist-left is his opponent, I will vote for him.

I just ask that any invectives agaisn this gallant man be aimedat Ideas and concepts, not him as a personality

4:37 PM  

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