Carol Platt Liebau: Lefty Lapdogs & Roberts Ridiculousness

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lefty Lapdogs & Roberts Ridiculousness

Apparently, Democratic senators have not expressed enough venom about the Roberts nomination, and are therefore being called to heel by the fringe elements of their party.

How reassuring to know, as The Washington Post puts it, that

The response [to the liberal demands] was quick and pointed, as two key senators unleashed their sharpest criticisms yet of Roberts and sought to assure activists that the battle is far from over.

Not surprisingly, Teddy Kennedy and Pat Leahy fell quickly into line.

But really, the left-wing frustration is understandable -- what they've got (and are obviously peddling to the journos behind the scenes) is thin gruel, indeed. (Remember the "John-Roberts-opposes-equal-rights" gambit from yesterday?).

Judge Roberts was part of a unanimous panel that decided military could be used to try suspected terrorists at Guantanamo.

Any wrongdoing here? Nope. The best the Post can muster is this:

Nobody is alleging that Roberts sided with the administration to curry favor with Bush, but some academics say Roberts should have, at the very least, considered stepping aside to make sure there was not an appearance of conflict.

OOOh. Let's make everyone happy. Judge Roberts "considered" stepping aside, and then didn't. OK?

And now archivists at the Reagan Library have misplaced a file that Justice Department lawyers inspected. This is somehow news even though, according to the story, "Archivists said the lawyers returned the file but it now cannot be located." So what's the point?

No wonder the leftist moonbats are flashing signals with their magic decoder rings in Leahy and Kennedy's direction. (Once Durbin joins in, the leftist loon triumvirate will be complete.)

They must be pulling their hair out. This isn't the way it was supposed to be . . .


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