Carol Platt Liebau: Cole Porter Fans Do <i>Not</i> "Crack"

Monday, August 15, 2005

Cole Porter Fans Do Not "Crack"

Let your voice be heard in the first Radioblogger poll. (You can vote immediately above the preceding link).

The question: If imprisoned in the manner of Judith Miller, which blogger would crack first?

A selection of some on the Radioblogger list:

* Hugh Hewitt, without his diet soda
* Joshua Micah Marshall, without Sydney Blumenthal's cell phone #
* Daily Kos, with Karl Rove as the warden

and -- if you can believe it -- me, slandered as follows: "Carol Platt Liebau, without Cole Porter records."

Head over to Radioblogger, and cast a ballot here.

And then, if you're a fellow Cole Porter fan, please drop me an email HERE and let me know. Please include your age.

Here's why: Generalissimo Duane has been erroneously asserting that only old people like Cole Porter. In fact, after I forwarded him a very gracious note from a listener, applauding my choice of Cole Porter as one of my favorite dead celebrities, I received the following "snippy" email in response: "Did [his] grandson write this for him? I'm sure these new-fangled computers confuse him so . . ."

Huh. Let's prove Duane wrong.

And NB: Cole Porter fans do not "crack" under pressure. We sing -- because not even the worst voices can ruin the words and melody of a good Porter tune.


Blogger Poison Pero said...

That's a great list.....But I had to take a swing at my girl Michell Malkin --> Without her Stiletto........LOL!!

And I hate to do this to you Carol, but I'm afraid Duane is right about Cole Porter fans........Sorry dear.

9:43 PM  

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