Carol Platt Liebau: Back to You, 9/11 Commissioners!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back to You, 9/11 Commissioners!

Here in The New York Times is an account that appears to shift the burden of proof back to the 9/11 Commissioners to explain why Able Danger's intelligence about Mohammed Atta -- that the Clinton Pentagon prevented them from passing to the FBI -- didn't appear in the final report.

The account from Colonel Shaffer, a reservist who is also working part-time for the Pentagon, corroborates much of the information that the Sept. 11 commission has acknowledged that it received about Able Danger last July from a Navy captain who was also involved with the program but whose name has not been made public.

Actually, that's the information Commissioners initially denied having received. Note that the Defense Department has not disputed this man's account.

Again, this information is important -- at the very least for demonstrating that the 9/11 Commission's foremost conclusion may have been wrong. It may NOT have been an intelligence gathering weakness that allowed 9/11 to occur; instead, it may have been the infamous Jamie Gorelick-ordained "wall" between foreign and domestic intelligence information sharing that enabled Al Qaeda to succeed in its nefarious plot.


Blogger Poison Pero said...

I think there's little doubt the government let us down on 9/11/01......After the end of the Cold War we let our guard down, and had a steady stream of bad policies --> Both parties have their share of the blame but it was the Dems who held power when the system fell apart (or was torn apart)

We can't bring the 3,000+ who perished on that horrible day back......But we can, and must, move forward.

I'm more interested in knowing that we will never return to the days of being a 9/10/01 nation (one that disregards such information as Able Danger), and has become a 9/12/01 nation......One that is vigilant on defense and offense.

The question is: Are we there in reality? We say the right things, but I pray our words match our deeds.

I'm afraid we've left a few doors open to terro.......Particularly that enormous swinging door on the Southwest border.

9:15 PM  

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