Carol Platt Liebau: Not So "Compassionate"

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not So "Compassionate"

For someone who wanted to offer in-state illegals reduced tuition at state universities as a mark of "compassion," Mike Huckabee extended little of the same to homosexuals, at least judging by his words in 1992, when he had harsh things to say about homosexuals.

Here, I discussed how easy it would be for the MSM and Democrats to paint Huckabee as some out-of-the-mainstream wacko (whether the characterization is either true or fair isn't the point). There's no question that these revelations just made that job even easier.


Blogger Righty64 said...

It is ironic that the Rev. Huckabee can say what he said in 1992, but now says that the United States supreme court was right in the Texas sodomy case and that what people do in their bedrooms is their business. Why is there no harrassing the Rev. Huckabee over his flip-flop? The problem with the Rev. Mike is that after being pro-life and for traditional marriage, he does not have a clue. He just throws a "Hail Mary" pass on a given position and hopes it catches traction. He did not think out the so-called fair tax. Nor his sudden border enforcement first strategy. He came up with these after other candidates did. No, the Rev. Mike is not the guy we need to turn to. Unless we want to see a United States map a sea of blue on election night.

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