Carol Platt Liebau: Flipping (over) the Pages

Friday, December 07, 2007

Flipping (over) the Pages

It's being reported in the Washington Post that two House pages engaged in public oral sex, prompting the resignation in protest of two congressmen from the oversight committee.

Sure, the idea of House pages engaging in this kind of activity is shocking, but as I document in my book, Prude, it's not as rare as anyone would hope. There are instances -- some of them reported in the pages of the Post -- of young people doing this in school auditoriums, bathrooms, parking lots . . . and yes, even in classrooms.

The answer to all this isn't more "sex ed" -- it could even be argued that young people have listened all too well to the warnings about unwanted pregnancy, hence the resort to oral sex. What's needed is character education, helping young people develop sexual integrity the same way they develop integrity in other areas of their lives.

As the study reported on here -- discussing a certain lack of ethics among teens -- indicates, there's a lot of educating that should be going on but isn't.


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