Carol Platt Liebau: Plaudits All Around

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Plaudits All Around

As Duane Patterson notes, posting at Hugh Hewitt's site, Dr. Dobson seemed favorably impressed by the Romney Address.

So did Patrick Buchanan, a man who is not often or easily pleased.

Not only was the address an eloquent and moving discussion of religion and its role in America and its political life, Romney's steadfast declaration that he would not back away from the "faith of his fathers" may have answered another lurking question voters have had about the Massachusetts governor. Much of the press reporting on Romney has focused on his supposed "flip-flops", but today, he was able to speak for himself, and when he did, he told voters there were, indeed, certain principles he would never apologize for and never relinquish. With that statement, he may well have answered the lurking though unspoken doubts of a number of voters; clearly, he has done himself a world of good.


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