Carol Platt Liebau: <i>Reality</i> Denial

Monday, August 13, 2007

Reality Denial

This piece attempts to pathologize one of the most brutal and despicable crimes known to man: The killing of one's own newborn child, or neonaticide.

Rather than calling it what it is -- an act of horrendous evil -- the author attempts to explain it, introducing the concept of "pregnancy denial": The murderers were simply in denial about their pregnancies. Please. What we have here, on the author's part, is an enormous case of reality denial.

No doubt there are some people who try to convince themselves that they are not pregnant, and that they therefore didn't kill the child they killed. But most of the time, young women kill their children not because they don't realize they're pregnant, but because of the reasons the author offers for "pregnancy denial," i.e., "shame over having intercourse, anxiety about enraged parents, fear of giving birth, or resentment about ruined future plans."

There is, however, one particularly noteworthy characterization in the piece. It notes that "'Edna,' a college freshman, was so indecisive about ending her pregnancy that she suffocated her minutes-old baby in an act of delayed abortion."

What a revealing euphemism for murder -- a "delayed abortion." Right. In fact, it's the culture of abortion that has made infanticide less unthinkable than before. After all, what is neonaticide but "delayed abortion"? What is refusing to take responsibility for the life one has created but "pregnancy denial"?


Blogger Marshall Art said...

Absolutely. Abortion is, in the lion's share of cases, merely the most heinous abdication of personal responsibility. It was only a matter of time before some joker decided to extend the "right" to those who just gave birth.

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