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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Modern Plantation, revisited

This is guest blogger Wile E Coyote.

Frederick Douglass wrote, "Knowledge unfits a man to be a slave".

Here is a Wall Street Journal editorial on the efforts of the Atlanta government-school bureaucracies to quash charter schools and to keep affected communities enslaved. the

As the African American community continues its political maturation, look for charter-schools/vouchers as a wedge issue that will either pry African Americans from the Democrat Party or the Democrat Party from the government-education unions.


Blogger Jesse said...

What is it with this childish and insulting "Democrat Party"? Why is it that you right-wingers just can't resist this little provocation? Even after Bush lost Congress in '07, and at a time when he knew he had to co-operate with Democrats (that's the noun form in correct usage) he just had open his SOTU speech by congratulating the "Democrat Congress" (incorrect use of the noun form for the adjective) even though his teleprompter had "Democratic Congress." Guys, we know what you're up to, it's stupid and insulting, knock it off. We don't go around referring to the "Republic Party" -- although we certainly should, after having put with your nonsense for so long.

By the way, vouchers for private schools are a form of class warfare, and our public schools would be in much better condition if we just banned all private education (because then the parents who cared about their kids and had cultural, economic and educational resources would have no option but to participate in the public system.) The whole voucher scam is a way to offer a very small segment of society a route to a better life, while writing off the rest of the poor with a clean conscience. It's not about justice or opportunity, just, again, keeping the poor down. But should we be surprised?

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