Carol Platt Liebau: Who's the Hypocrite?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Who's the Hypocrite?

In this story the LA Times implies that Rep. David Dreier (ranking minority member of the House Rules Committee) is a hypocrite for complaining about Republicans' treatment by the Democratic majority . . . the same kind of treatment to which Democrats were subjected when he was in charge!

But as usual, there's something the Times isn't telling you. First, the way Dreier ran the Committee was consistent with the way it's been run for some time, including before the Republicans returned to power in 1994. Second -- and even more significantly -- the Democrats regained power on the strength of their promises to change the way business was done. But it seems their zeal for reform has lessened substantially since they've actually succeeded in taking over . . . not that you'd know it from reading the Times.

So who are the real hypocrites here?


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