Carol Platt Liebau: Way to Lose, McCain

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Way to Lose, McCain

I have had little use for John McCain's presidential candidacy, because of his stance on judicial nominations, immigration "reform," campaign finance "reform," some of the President's tax cuts, and his showboating on the alleged "torture" of terrorist detainnes.

One reason I would nonetheless have supported him -- really, the only reason -- had he been the nominee was because of his strong and principled support for victory in Iraq up to now. Now, he's trying to strike up a "compromise" on the pernicious Warner resolution.

What a mistake. One would have thought that Senator McCain would understand that -- just like one can't be a little bit pregnant -- one can't be a little bit defeatist.

Either he is serious about victory in Iraq, and helping to secure the conditions that will facilitate it, or he's serious about playing footsie with the Craven Caucus in the Senate.

If it's the former, I could support him for President if he won the nomination, despite my other disagreements with him. If it's the latter, then I've got nothing but contempt for the whole undertaking. And I doubt I'm alone.

It's worth asking: Why are the Republicans so eager to accommodate the Democrats and defeatists? It's fully 22 months before the next election. How 'bout giving the President's plan time to work (or not) before heading for the political tall grass like a pack of scared bunnies?


Blogger R Platt said...

This is incredible. When Republicans were the majority in congress the Democrats met them head on, fought them hard and frankly did quite well. Now that the Republicans are the minority, they've completely given up and seem to enjoy being knocked to the ground and kicked in the head. If someone in that party doesn't muster up a little courage and fight back, our next national election ballots will list only one political party . . . Republicans simply won't exist.

4:45 PM  
Blogger stackja1945 said...

"How 'bout giving the President's plan time to work (or not) before heading for the political tall grass like a pack of scared bunnies?"

They have been scared by the big nasty MSM.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

If we ever are fortunate enough to get a true conservative who speaks out articulately about conservative principals and goals, these weak-kneed Reps would snap to. My fear is that we won't get one before '08.

10:51 AM  

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