Carol Platt Liebau: Americans Aren't Defeatist

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Americans Aren't Defeatist

In contrast to the Democrats, Americans in general aren't defeatist. It's worth noting that they liked the President's speech.

But the most revealing number was this:

Among the speech viewers, 51 percent said they were very or somewhat confident that the United States will achieve its goals in Iraq. After Bush's 2004 speech, the number was 71 percent.

Americans aren't craven -- they want to win, they want to be told we can win, and they want policies that represent an effort to win. If the MSM and Democrats would actually support the troops and the war -- or at least refrain from trying to dampen support for what's being done in Iraq -- there's a good bet that public morale would be high, and America's enemies would figure that they were facing a stern and resolute adversary. And that, of course, would help our soldiers win.


Blogger Marshall Art said...

If, if, if. The left has shown that it is not up for doing what is necessary to win the WOT or the battle in Iraq. I don't believe that they comprehend the gravity of the situation. They don't like having their patriotism doubted. Tough. When their actions no longer are obstructive and thereby dangerous to the security of this nation, I, for one, will call it as I see it. "Americans aren't defeatist"? Not all, but most on the left are indeed.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Earth to Carol said...

Well if they called 1,000 people and only 370 were viewers and 51% are somewhat confident, we are talking about only 19% of the adult population being somewhat confident.

I disagree with your premise that Americans want sugar coated fairy tales and that if you use the correct rhetoric, they will follow. Perhaps I live in a different world, but my observations are that adult Americans seek the facts and the truth, that will enable them to make informed decisions in performing their civic duty.

Americans are also very trusting but, once that trust has been breached with lies, there is no means to restore the trust. Ergo, we have Bush's 28% approval rating.

5:14 AM  

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