Carol Platt Liebau: Bottom-Feeding Prose

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bottom-Feeding Prose

If it's true that one can "support the troops" without supporting the cause for which they're giving (or have given) their lives, someone ought to alert Paul Whitefield, the author of a repugnant piece in Sunday's LA Times, which played into every insulting and ugly stereotype about Vietnam War veterans. (HT: Hugh Hewitt).

Whitefield may not have agreed with the Vietnam War, but that doesn't mean that its veterans aren't entitled to his gratitude and respect. His piece was a disgrace.

What does it say about the Times' mentality that such a piece of garbage would be published -- is that what passes for humor down on Spring Street? Perhaps it's revealing of the mentality at the Times that a person like Whiteside has actually found gainful employment supervising the Times' editorial copy desk.


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