Carol Platt Liebau: Finally, <i>Our</i> Side of the Story

Monday, January 22, 2007

Finally, Our Side of the Story

After a weekend in which the MSM ran endlessly pessimistic accounts of the American servicemen who were killed in Iraq, the military is disclosing that, in fact, even more Al Qaeda were eliminated.

Thank you. It's about time. No wonder Americans haven't felt as though any progress was being made -- for too long, the sad stories about American casualties haven't been balanced with the accounts of enemy deaths, in large part because of a failure of communication on the part of the armed services.

This is a welcome start.


Blogger Diane Tomlinson said...

I agree that the progress being made in Iraq is being underreported and there are two reasons for this. good things are happening in Iraq every day and no one will know unless they go to the Multinational Force Iraq website.
That said on to the two reasons.

First, there is very little military progress of the gee whiz sort that makes news to be made in this sort of warfare. House to house combat might be sexy to the veterans of WW2 in Russia as they retell stories of Stalingrad but Americans don't grok it. Americans, civilians not soldiers, are afraid of house to house combat mostly because they would fear an army that was efficient at it. Guess what that kind of army would mean if a tyrant got in power and suspended most civil liberties with the complicity of a Congress of his or her own party?

The other reason is the nature of the war itself. It is not a war to wrestle a fledgling democracy from the grip of al Qaeda for there was no al Qaeda there before the US invasion anywhere excpet Kurdistan. Also, this is not a war to stabilize the region of the US would have left Saddam to die and the nation to devolve into a Shi'ite state in the Iranian orbit in fifteen or so years. Uday and Qusay would have had no chance against a Mehdi Army that had the taste of blood revenge in their mouths. This is a political war fought for reasons that can only be understood if one reads Charles Tripp's A History of Iraq.

Most learned bloggers know that the nation of Iraq is a cobbling of three nations divided along cultural and religious lines what they don't know is that the decision to allow the Ba'athist party to rule was an effort to keep the democratically elected Iraqi government from nationalising the oil resource much as Mossadegh had done in 1953 in Iran. Lot of good it did him. Like it or not the only reason any major power in modern times will go to war is for an energy resource. If natural gas were a more lucrative source this war would have been fought in Myanmar to liberate Aung San Suu Kyi with the aid of the Karen rebels and the Iraqis were they oilless would have been left to their abject poverty like Ameerica has chosen to do with those poor devils in Darfur.

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