Carol Platt Liebau: Now Mondale Is a Crank, Too

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Now Mondale Is a Crank, Too

Serious questions are being raised about Jimmy Carter's judgment -- and it's long been clear that he's turned into something of a crank.

How disappointing to find that Mondale may be going down the same path. Today, on "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" he had this to say:

One of the things I'm proudest of of our four years together is that we told the truth, we obeyed the law, and we kept the peace . . . I think we're seeing evidence of what happens when you stray from these fundamental principles."

He went on to talk about the dangers posed by Dick Cheney having established a (I kid you not) "parallel government." Paging Art Bell.

Of course, given the four year long train wreck that the Carter administration was, it's understandable that both Carter and Mondale would be busily trying to help everyone forget that the flame of radical Islam was ignited on his watch -- as he stood by impotently.

Given that Gerald Ford (and Nixon for that matter) could have had a lot to say about the breathtakingly inept performance of Carter/Mondale when they were in office, it's remarkable that the former President and Vice president would be so graceless, so crass, and so partisan.

Perhaps it's just another sign of how fall the Democratic Party has fallen.


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