Carol Platt Liebau: The Republican Craven Caucus

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Republican Craven Caucus

Everyone knows that there are craven Democrats among us -- who want nothing more than domestic political victory, even at the cost of success in the war on terror, and are therefore working and even hoping for our defeat in Iraq.

What's heartbreaking is to realize that the Craven Caucus extends to the right side of the aisle, with Republican senators opposing the President's effort to win the Iraq war. The following are threatening to join with the Democrats in passing a resolution opposing the troop surge:

John Warner - Virginia
Gordon Smith - Oregon
Susan Collins - Maine
Chuck Hagel - Nebraska
Olympia Snowe - Maine
Norm Coleman - Minnesota
Sam Brownback - Kansas

Here is the bottom line. This morning, in testimony, General Petraeus made two points:

(1)He cannot fulfill his mission without the additional troops that the resolution backed by the Craven Caucus would oppose; in other words, without it, victory is impossible.

(2) The Senate resolution backed by the Craven Caucus would encourage the enemy by highlighting divisions among the American people.

Given this testimony -- from the General charged with trying to secure victory in Iraq -- it is incomprehensible that any conscientious senator, from any party, would insist on pushing through such a resolution. Doing so in effect means that one stands opposed to the best chance of victory in Iraq, and in order to make a symbolic statement to that effect, he is willing to risk encouraging America's enemies.

Through collaborating with the Democrat effort to undermine a viable strategy for success in Iraq, the Craven Caucus is sapping the morale of our fighting men and women; they are also discouraging our allies -- including brave people seeking a free and religiously moderate Middle East.

Most of all, by emboldening our enemies with the hope that American will and resolution is weak and crumbling, they are painting bulls-eyes on the back of every soldier serving in Iraq -- because our enemies will conclude that more carnage will help them prevail.

What can you do to stop this outrageous, disgusting and reprehensible behavior? Call Minority Leader McConnell, and the senators listed above at (202) 225-3121.

And take the pledge. (HT: Hugh Hewitt).


Blogger Bachbone said...

It looks like it's time to herd the few remaining real conservatives onto an ark and flood the RINOs out of political existence by supporting opponents in the next primaries. Perhaps Lincoln Chaffee would have a few contemplative words for his former colleagues?

9:45 AM  

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