Carol Platt Liebau: Following the Carter Money Trail

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Following the Carter Money Trail

Claudia Rosett raises some troubling questions about the identity of Carter Center donors.

What's more, she lays her figure on what is, perhaps, the most offensive element of Carter's public activities:

[F]or years [Carter] has run his own mini-presidency — complete with a series of attempts to outflank or shape the policies of sitting presidents. These have included — to name just two examples — his letter-writing campaign in 1990 to members of the United Nations Security Council, in an effort to thwart the Bush I coalition that fought the first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein; and his 1994 trip to North Korea, where he proposed to the dying tyrant Kim Il Sung a deeply flawed nuclear-freeze deal that may well have helped Kim’s son consolidate power and develop ICBMs and atomic bombs.

Jimmy Carter's efforts to "run his own mini-presidency" would be inappropriate in any case. They are particularly ridiculous and unwelcome -- as well as indicative of a certain lack of humility -- given his record of abject failure, particularly in the area of foreign policy and handling America's enemies.


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