Carol Platt Liebau: "The Right Guy to Fix It"?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

"The Right Guy to Fix It"?

That's how a colleague and former West Point classmate characgterizes General David Petraeus, the man who's now been put in charge of achieving victory in Iraq.

From this profile in The Washington Post, it sounds like the classmate may be right. By no means does Gen. Petraeus come across as perfect -- but sometimes arrogance, ambition, and uber-competitiveness are just the qualities that are needed to turn around a difficult situation (and don't forget that General George Washington, too, was accused of excessive ambitiousness).

It also sounds like Gen. Petraeus is tough as nails -- physically and mentally. What's more, he's lucky -- having cheated death twice -- and that, too, is not a quality to be underestimated.

Above all, unlike so many of the weak knees and faint hearts in Washington and elsewhere, he still believes that victory in Iraq can be achieved. He sounds like a brave man and a smart one.

We're rooting for you, General.


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