Carol Platt Liebau: "America's Lady MacBeth"

Friday, January 26, 2007

"America's Lady MacBeth"

Gerard Baker offers a scathing assessment of Hillary Clinton's character -- but it's one that has the essential ring of truth.

When one examines all that Senator Clinton has compromised, all that she's done, and all that she's said -- most obviously in pursuit of the presidency -- it is, indeed, "rather terrifying." How big a drive to have power -- to rule over people -- can one person possess? It takes ego for anyone to run for the presidency; how much ego must one have to have planned and pursued such a plan with such relentless efficiency for so many years?

During my days in college and law school, Senator Clinton's "type" became very familiar to me. There are tons of people like her at every Ivy League school in the country. Some of them may be well-intentioned, but their relentless ambitions aren't really about "helping" other people, no matter what they say. Instead, they're about filling some gaping emptiness within -- validating their existence, their entitlement to an assortment of privileges, their "smartness," and (in their own minds, at least) their status as top dogs in a "natural" meritocracy.

Even the well-intentioned people of this type genuinely believe that they are destined, by virtue of their (supposedly) superior brainpower, to command society, and to lead those less intellectually endowed. They believe that they are right to do it -- and that they are entitled to do it -- whether "the (common) people" agree with them or not.

It's impossible to know what internal forces drive Mrs. Clinton. But rest assured she's not running for President with such indefatigable ruthlessness and lack of principle simply because of a driving desire to serve her country and help her fellow men.


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