Carol Platt Liebau: Reading the Tea Leaves

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Reading the Tea Leaves

Hugh Hewitt makes a convincing and comprehensive argument that last week marked the high tide of the 2006 election cycle for the Democrats.

If Hugh didn't adduce evidence enough, check out this piece by Clinton domestic policy advisor Bruce Reed, asserting that the "real conspiracy" to keep Republicans in power is (drumroll and pregnant pause) . . . redistricting!

It strikes me that when Democrats start making up prospective justifications for electoral failure, they, too, may have a sense that their most glorious 2006 political days are behind them.


Blogger ELC said...

With all due respect to the illustrious Mr. Hewitt, I said as much a month ago: "It looks to me like Democratic politicos — politicians, bloggers, pundits — all over the country are very angry about a lot of things; this leads me to believe that they are desperate about... something... whether or not they quite realize it. I think they know, or suspect, that the vaunted forecast of a Democratic takeover in the Congress is unlikely. I think the history of the 2006 Congressional election will, after all the shouting is over, be able to be summed up as follows: The Democrats had all the momentum... when it didn't count."

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