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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fair Game

I have never been a fan of Rep. Chris Shays, moderate Connecticut Republican. But I take my hat off to him today.

He's hit back hard at his Democratic opponent, who's been trying to make hay of the Foley matter -- even as she invited Senator Teddy Kennedy for a fundraiser.

Quite rightly, Shays pointed out that Foley may have engaged in some disgusting instant message exchanges, but he didn't plunge off a bridge in a car with a young woman and then leave her to drown. Kennedy did . . . and then held a press conference the next day.

Predictably, the reaction of Shays' opponent, Diane Farrell, is shocked outrage:

Farrell was incredulous - "my jaw dropped," she said, when she heard Shays' comments, and she said Chappaquiddick had nothing to do with Hastert's current plight.

And there you have it. Democrats simply don't get it.

Seems to me that Farrell's obtuseness is emblematic of the Democratic approach to the Foley affair . . . and that Republicans shouldn't be reluctant to point out her hypocrisy when it comes to "moral values" -- not to mention that of her party.


Blogger stackja1945 said...

Carol the Dems seem all wet. Ted in the water. The other Dem seems wet behind the ears.

4:48 AM  

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