Carol Platt Liebau: Jumping the Shark

Monday, October 09, 2006

Jumping the Shark

This piece, in The New York Times of all places, must be a tremendous disappointment to the Democrats. It seems that their hopes that the Foley scandal would suppress turnout aren't coming to fruition.

In fact, the way they've handled the scandal may, paradoxically, have had the result of rallying previously disaffected GOP voters back to the Republican banner.

As predicted, it looks like Democrats may have "misunderestimated" the Christian right once again. What they forget is that Christians have a real understanding of sin -- and unlike so much of the secular liberal establishment, they don't blame it on the environment, the people surrounding the sinner, or anything else. They know where the accountability for individual wrongdoing properly lies . . . with the individual who committed it.


Blogger paul a'barge said...

To an evangelical, what is worse than sin?


1:29 PM  

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