Carol Platt Liebau: Tears of Some Clowns?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tears of Some Clowns?

No doubt the news that the Foley scandal is having limited political impact on the GOP is deeply disappointing to the Dems and their MSM allies.

Even so, it's typical of the good sense of the American people. What point would it make to punish congressmen who didn't even know about the Foley scandal by not voting for them, thereby turning Congress over to a bunch of cut 'n run defeatists?


Blogger dodger said...

Thank you, my sentiments exactly and glad they are widespread. It heartens me. You know, I read around the blogs and the sense I get, almost universally, including the conservative talk shows, is that these are nice folks. A while ago my wife and I looked at each other and noted that we were opposites so how did we end up together. Well, we almost in unison said, because we're nice people? Of course.

And that is not to say that most Democrats are not nice people. What they don't do, that Republicans do do, however, is listen to a harrangue to the effect that Bush lied, people died. Now what they should do is admonish the speaker, hey that's not nice. Republicans would.

This business at Columbia University, one of the speakers that got shouted down said, no wonder those young people are so ignorant, they don't ever listen.

And ya know what? That's not nice.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

Y'know Dodge, I have the same situation with MY wife. We are total opposites, but I remind her of the one thing we DO have in common that holds us together: She loves me, and so do I.

I love that joke.

But as to the thread, it's mighty gratifying to know that no one is getting the vapors over this event that has seen it's conclusion with Foley's ouster. Of course it'll take a while for the Dems to get past it, because they need for folks to assume this one bad apple means the whole barrel is rotten. The thing is, when the Dems smell something bad, they need to check their own armpits.

10:38 PM  

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