Carol Platt Liebau: An Unholy Mess

Saturday, September 16, 2006

An Unholy Mess

The IRS is investigating whether All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena has violated federal tax law.

Here is a piece detailing my experience with All Saints.


Blogger Cliff said...

Lyndon B. Johnson, while he was Senator, had the law passed in the late '50,s as a punishment
to a church that critized his campaign. Ever since then, the church has been
persecuted for free speech, (unless of course the church is supporting Clinton or Jesse jackson.) the law needs to be overturned, and almost was on a few occasions.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

Indeed, just because the organization is a church, doesn't mean they aren't Americans as well. Thus, they have every right to enter the public debate. More precisely, it has a duty to do so, particualarly if it's position is in line with the teachings of the faith. And yes, I support this even for the wacky versions expressed in Carol's lamentations about her Church. As a member of a UCC Congregation, I'm can sympathize with her frustrations. Fortunately, in my denomination, if we don't like the minister's message, we can fire him. The issue of politics from the pulpit is a touchy one, but one need be open to at least hear the POV and then render a reasoned argument if opposed. I'd hate if there was nothing BUT politics from my pastor, but certain issues do need discussing insofar as understanding how the teachings of the faith might apply. It's also true if a candidate has a record of supporting issues to which the church is opposed and explaining why it would be. Frankly, I believe if any church is too political, or political all the time, they'd lose members. So it would regulate itself to some degree.

11:45 PM  

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