Carol Platt Liebau: "Woman Friendly" Radio?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Woman Friendly" Radio?

Gloria Steinem is arguing that there's not enough of it -- that talk radio is too full of "verbal prize fights" and sports.


Blogger Duke-Stir said...

Oh my God. Who cares?

9:25 AM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

Finally. Common ground with the duke-stir. Mark those calenders.

However, does this really speak well of women in general if they are not interested in the world affairs discussed on talk radio?

12:25 PM  
Blogger amber said...

MA, why does it speak ill of women? I am a woman and I do not need "woman friendly news". What is woman friendly radio anyways? Politics is politics, women may add a differant slant, but so do different ethnicities. We don't have "brown friendly radio" (my daughter is part Jamaican and she calls herself brown, that is why I use that term). Sounds odd to me.
I do agree this is not news, I could care less what Ms. Steinem thinks on this "political" issue.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Lady in Lexington said...

Does Gloria Steinem think women don't listen to sports?
And what, may I ask is "women friendly news"?

5:57 PM  

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