Carol Platt Liebau: Ah, the Irony

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ah, the Irony

Jesse Jackson provides this unparalleled offering of abject ignorance. Using the usual half-baked lefty melange of lies ("Bush's tax cuts . . . failed to generate jobs"? Might want to check this out, Reverend), he condemns virtually every aspect of the Bush presidency in the direst terms.

But here's the delicious irony. The point of the article is that the Democrats have been unforgivably unable to take advantage of the supposed manifold failing of the Administration because they have no agenda. But guess what? In his Bush-bashing article, Jackson offers not a single suggestion -- not one -- about what the Democratic agenda should include.

Instead, he is content to criticize the President's alleged "politics of division."

Yep, Jackson sure wouldn't be caught dead doing anything but uplifting and unifying -- would he?

Good for a giggle.


Blogger wile e coyote said...

“Jesse don't wanna run nothing but his mouth” -- former Washington, DC Mayor Marion Barry

10:06 AM  

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