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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Preparing for '08

Here's an interesting item: Tom Daschle, who lost his Senate seat in 2004 to John Thune, is contemplating a run for President. By necessity, presidential aspirants generally have good self-images -- it takes a fair amount of confidence to be willing to seek the most powerful job on earth. But for Daschle to do it seems delusional. Under his leadership, the Senate stayed Republican . . . and he wasn't even able to win reelection. Hm.

On the Republican side, the big story is the straw poll conducted last night in Tennessee. Not surprisingly, favorite son Senator Bill Frist won. What's remarkable is who came in second. It wasn't Southerner George Allen of Virginia (who, as I noted here, was less-than-impressive when he spoke at the California Republican convention in September) -- it was Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Some news reports have speculated that Romeny would be unacceptable to the party's Christian conservatives because of his Mormon faith; it will be interesting to see whether this outcome will affect that analysis.

And while the angle is hard to find in any MSM paper, the Drudge Report has reported that the straw poll was something of a debacle for John McCain, who -- realizing he was going to lose big -- suddenly decide to advocate writing in the President. As the linked piece notes, some participating in the straw poll saw it as a cynical ploy; it looks even more than way when one examines how The New York Times spun the story in this piece called "Straw Poll Loses McCain, Its Star" (or not, as it turned out).

Any lingering suspicions that McCain would be willing to throw the President under the political bus for his own ends were hardly allayed by the Times story, which concluded with the following sentence:

Mr. McCain's maneuver reverberated as far away as Washington, where it inspired gallows humor among embattled Bush administration officials, who began contemplating an outcome where, write-in or not, a sitting president is defeated by Mr. Frist on Saturday night.

Really? Did the Times really expect a 2008 straw poll to be won by the one man who can't run?

And it's worth wondering how much of the Republican suspicion and hostility toward McCain is exacerbated by the overt adoration of the lefties in the MSM.


Blogger stackja1945 said...

Mormon Romney is more of a man then McCain.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Hugh Hewitt seems to think the MSM will tire of the "Can a Mormon be President" angle. I disagree. If Romney becomes a front runner, the media will do EVERYTHING it can to tarnish him.

They will do the same for whomever is the front runner. Even if McCain becomes the front runner - or the Republican nominee - the media will forget their love affair with him and turn on him ruthlessly. He IS a Republican, after all.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Pete said...

I think the term is "RINO", Greg.

8:30 AM  

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