Carol Platt Liebau: Too Good For Their Money?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Too Good For Their Money?

If there is one lasting impression from Bill and Hillary Clinton's years in The White House, it's that they weren't too squeamish about how they raised money -- remember the White House sleepovers, Johnny Chung, and all the rest?

Well, there's finally someone whose money simply isn't good enough for Hillary Clinton: Wal-Mart. Yes, she may have sat on their board of directors from 1986 from 1992 -- but presumably their policies were completely different then; or else, what was just fine with Hillary back then is suddenly an awfully big problem now.

It's interesting: Hillary Clinton will take money from Jerry Springer, who profits from presenting the trashiest, most degrading program on the tube. But a company like Wal-Mart -- itself in many ways an American "point of light" -- well, their money is apparently tainted, at least from Senator Clinton's (warped) perspective.


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