Carol Platt Liebau: Is He Joking?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Is He Joking?

That's the only theory one can have about this piece by Ron Brownstein in today's LA Times.

He suggests that Bush reach out and nominate a Democrat to the O'Connor seat. Funny, I don't remember any "wise men" making a similar suggestion when partisan rancor was likewise high in the country during 1993-94 -- and President Clinton named unabashed liberals like former ACLU counsel Ruth Bader Ginsburg and former Kennedy staffer Stephen Breyer. Hmmm.

Is there anyone who really believes that if Bush did nominate a Democrat, the contingent would simply stop its wild Bush-bashing, the sun would shine and birds would sing? Well, maybe some do believe it -- the same people who think that Senators Kennedy, Leahy and Schumer are approaching the Roberts hearings with open minds.


Blogger Poison Pero said...

Of course he's joking.....he's a complete joke!

But not much more than the senior senator from New York

Sen. "Up"Chuck Schumer (D - NY)
"I think it would be a great idea for President Bush to ask Justice O'Connor to stay on as chief justice for, say, a year. She is respected by all sides. At a time when the nation needs unity and stability more than ever, she would bring it, and it would be a breathtaking choice. And then we could proceed with the nomination of Judge Roberts for associate judge [sic]. But having Justice O'Connor stay as chief justice—the first woman chief justice, someone respected by just about everybody—would be a huge, huge step to unity in this country, particularly on the judiciary, which has been such a divisive issue."

Bunch of insaniacs.

11:35 AM  
Blogger eLarson said...

Will Brownstein work for The Onion next?

2:08 PM  
Blogger HouseOfSin said...

You first, Ron. Appoint a Republican columnist to the Times' editorial page.

Such appointments also appear to be lifetime positions, plus without the fear of impeachment. How about it Ron?

2:11 PM  
Blogger cookie jill said...

Why not?

The idea is to govern a country. To take both "sides" of viewing the government into consideration so you have a balanced view and can make balanced reasoned decisions.

This isn't a game of "win or lose". This is reality. We have to start coming together as a country or we will continue to fall apart. Our Democracy is at stake. Our future is at stake. Why not start doing the best thing for THE COUNTRY instead of "the party."

2:23 PM  
Blogger Poison Pero said...

So Cookie, when has a Democrat president ever been so gracious to "To take both "sides" of viewing the government into consideration so you have a balanced view and can make balanced reasoned decisions"?

It doesn't happen, ever.......This is just the rhetoric of the minority party.

And some day the Republicans will be in the same boat....I know it's hard to beleive, but it will happen. --> And I'm quite certain the Dems won't care at all.

4:06 PM  
Blogger cookie jill said...

Bill Clinton had Republicans in his administration. He worked with Orin Hatch who recommended Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

We have GOT to stop the hate speech. We have GOT to stop the polarization. In order for our country to survive we must work together.

We aren't talking "games" here...we are talking our very own Democracy. Our country is bankrupt. Our country is no better than third world countries in caring for our poor. Our country is a house of cards now very much divided and who knows how much longer we can stand.

If we love our country, we MUST start putting it before party. We have to stop the lies and deal with the reality.

We have a cancerous hate that has grown to enormous size. Would you rather have a doctor walk in the room and start saying all pretty postitive things without even examining the growth or would you prefer the harsh reality of dealing with what ails you and deal with begining work for the cure.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...


Balance schmalance. I hardly think it's the President's job to worry about keeping the political process balanced between the two parties, regardless of what his political beliefs and ideals are. It seems to me that if Pres. Bush thought Democratic policies and thinking were what were best for the country, he would be a Democrat. And then he would choose liberal judges, like all the other Democratic presidents before him. But he's a Republican for a reason -- that's what he thinks is best for the country! Surprise!!! So he'll pick conservative judges. People like me voted him into office depending on him to do so.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Poison Pero said...

I'm glad you live in Utopiaville, Jill, but the rest of us live in Reality. --> Seriously, quit putting that special ingredient in the Cookies, darling.

But, if by chance you are right (small 'r'), then I'd rather go down the drain spinning from the Right than from the Left.

This country flew in circles for years, on the wings of a bird flapping just one wing (its Left one), and it's about time that bird started flapping both....If it's flapping the Right one a little harder than usual so be it.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Goat said...

I like the metaphor Pero, good one!

9:28 PM  

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