Carol Platt Liebau: A Basic Roberts Primer

Monday, September 12, 2005

A Basic Roberts Primer

In preparation for the hearings that are scheduled to start at noon (Eastern), here is a handy, dandy overview of the members of the Judiciary Committee who will be conducting the hearings on John Roberts. It will be interesting to see who simply preens for the camera, which liberals succumb to hysteria, and which Republicans are effective in defending President Bush's supremely qualified nominee.

For a summary of the "issues" that will be raised in the hearings, look here in The Washington Post. But be aware that the piece is somewhat biased -- take this sentence: "[Roberts] wrote of the 'perceived problem of gender discrimination' and criticized state efforts to address it."

Well, the only "state effort" to address gender discrimination that I've heard of Roberts criticizing is the socialist scheme of comparable worth. And that's less an exercise in righting gender wrongs than it is an attempt to impose collectivist economics on all of us.

We can only hope that the MSM does a more evenhanded job of covering the hearings.


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