Carol Platt Liebau: Dems' True Colors

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dems' True Colors

Dianne Feinstein has announced that she will oppose John Roberts, even though other liberals like Patrick Leahy intend to vote in support.

This has nothing to do with "answering the questions" -- as Feinstein would have us believe. This has to do with her re-election bid next year, and her fear of losing funding and face with the loony left out of her home base of San Francisco.

In the meantime, Patrick Leahy's support for John Roberts, while welcome, is a ploy to allow him to dramatize his opposition to the next nominee, if it's anyone to the right of Alberto Gonzales.

And speaking of Alberto Gonzales, the story linked above noted that his name came up at a White House meeting with senators as a "contender" for the open Supreme Court seat. Interesting to think that president-in-exile Arlen Specter recently opposed elevating AG Gonzales to the Court because of the tough nomination hearings he confronted for Attorney General. But it's pretty easy to imagine the Democrats, being relieved at such a "moderate" choice, giving Gonzales an easier time for a lifetime SC seat than for AG.

Which returns all of us to the ineluctible conclusion that, for the Dems, it's about nothing but politics -- and rather incoherent ones at that.


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