Carol Platt Liebau: A Free and Democratic Iraq

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Free and Democratic Iraq

Here, the democratically elected president of Iraq thanks America for liberating his country -- and asks us not to leave before the job is done.

For the shortsighted among us:

The rapidity of the democratization and reform of Iraq is staggering. There was no German state for four years after the Second World War. By contrast, Iraq has moved from a centralized, one-man dictatorship to a decentralized, federal republic in half that time.

I wonder how the Democrats feel about this piece. Do they really care about oppressed people struggling for freedom everywhere, or only for those who can vote for them?


Blogger cookie jill said...

Carol - we ARE concerned about oppressed people struggling for freedom, especially right here at home where our liberties and rights are being arroded away by this paranoid administration.

Now...if we could just find the BILLIONS of dollars that were stolen from those "running" Iraq, we could have a better financial standing on helping Iraq help themselves.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Jason said...


The only thing that matters to the Democratic party is their ideology. Success in Iraq is just ignored by them because it doesn't fit their ideology. The proof that Reagan was correct about the Soviet Union is all around us, but continually ignored by those in opposition to Reagan's ideology. This is one of the main differences between Republicans and Democrats: Republicans roll with change and go for what they think will work (That is why despite campaigning on humble foreign policy, President Bush now has a bold foreign policy. The reality of terror set in.) Democrats will not change their ideology no matter what. This is why Social Security is hampered by them, it's why energy independence is hampered by them, etc. According to the anti war left, we should just abandon democracy and let the terrorists have Iraq. War is not part of their ideology, it hasn't been since Vietnam, so any war that takes more than a week is simply not in their gameplan. It doesn't matter what good comes from it. That is why they are anti missile defense. What reasonable person is anti missile defense? Anyone whose ideology is totally anti military.

4:29 PM  

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