Carol Platt Liebau: No Anxiety Here

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

No Anxiety Here

Here is what Emily Bazelon of Slate considers the latest Supreme Court "scuttlebut." Judging from the quality of what she's got, I wouldn't take any of this to the bank.

The piece is discredited right at the beginning. According to Bazelon, "Republican women are anxious." Why the anxiety? Well, "[w]hether or not the gender of the next nominee should matter, it does to Republican women lawyers. When Sandra Day O'Connor and Laura Bush expressed enthusiasm for a female justice, these women took hope." Huh. I know I'm a lawyer, I'm certainly a Republican, and -- hold on -- yep, definitely a woman.

Funny, the gender of the next nominee doesn't matter to me in the least . . . I'd gladly take either of the judges that Bazelon characterizes as top-tier intellects -- Judges Michael Luttig and Michael McConnell (in that masterful sleight of hand only feminists seem able to achieve, Bazelon denigrates the intellects of female Judges Brown, Jones and Clement).

In fact, if I'm anxious about anything, it's that someone at The White House will read silly articles like this one and take them seriously. Who, after all, really believes that Emily Bazelon has any insights into the inner workings of the minds of female Republican lawyers?

And if I'm hopeful about anything, it's that the people in charge are too busy trying to outwit the Democrats yet again to be reading this nonsense.


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