Carol Platt Liebau: Needed: One Tough Judge

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Needed: One Tough Judge

The New York Times reports that The White House is revising its criteria for Justice O'Connor's replacement: The nominee needs to be tough. Quite rightly, the Administration apparently suspects that the Democrats' frustration at being unable to lay a finger on Judge Roberts may spill over and be vented on the next nominee.

Fair enough -- in my view, any Supreme Court nominee should have the mental toughness that will serve him/her well not only in confirmation hearings, but in resisting the blandishments of the (liberal) Beltway establishment if he/she is ultimately confirmed.

The story likewise notes that some Democrats want to muster numerous votes against John Roberts to "send a message" to The White House, while others believe most Dems should vote for him in order to promote the illusion that they are reasonable.

But the real truth comes at the story's end, when it's noted that liberal legal groups and unions have come out against Judge Roberts' nomination. The fact is that these groups will oppose any Bush nominee. So the nominee might as well be someone who's worth what will surely be a bitter and unpleasant fight.


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