Carol Platt Liebau: Nice Try, Arlen

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nice Try, Arlen

Note to Judiciary Committee Chairman & Senator Arlen Specter: If you want to act like the President, you have to get elected (and squeakers in your home state of Pennsylvania -- that you pull out with the President's help -- don't count).

Not one to bother with details, Specter took it upon himself to approach Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and ask her to stay for the entire Court term. Breathtaking arrogance, no?

Not surprisingly, Specter reported that President Bush's reaction to his proposal was "noncomittal." No doubt that's because President Bush has better manners -- and a greater sense of decorum -- than Arlen Specter. Anyone else would have laughed out loud and given Specter the verbal spanking he deserved.


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