Carol Platt Liebau: Credit Goes to Bush . . .

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Credit Goes to Bush . . .

This piece points out that vociferous critics of the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina were keeping "silent profiles" in the wake of what looks like a very capable job in preparing and responding to Hurricane Rita.

The fact is that state and local governments are the primary acters in natural disasters -- and the contrast between the mayors of Galveston, Houston etc. and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is instructive, as is the contrast between the calm and sure-footed Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the hysterical and indecisive La. Gov. Kathleen Blanco. So from my perspective, President Bush deserves no more credit for this response than blame for the earlier one.

But all those who panned the federal government's response to Katrina should, in fairness, be singing President Bush's praises today. (Not likely.)


Blogger Draino said...

The fact is that State and Local governments are financially strapped from taking up the slack of a gutted social safety net, a crummy economy (especially for the poor) and Bush's tax cuts that have trickled down to states and municipalities. The fact is that the National Guard is supposed to be "guarding" the nation not installing foreign puppet regimes in the mideast. The fact is FEMA wasn't supposed to be gutted but was. The fact is Bush was asked to fix the levees in New Orleans but wouldn't pay for it. The fact is FEMA was supposed to coordinate response but wouldn't let doctors treat patients due to liability concerns. The fact is FEMA officials stopped trucks with water and food from entering New Orleans right after Katrina. The fact is Nobody believes your conservative knee-jerk deflections of responsibilty. The fact is your facts are wrong. The fact is this government lies.

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