Carol Platt Liebau: Bad "Move"

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bad "Move"

Even as Hurricane Rita bears down on the people of the Gulf Coast, the heavy-handed fringies at are working hard to politicize the Katrina disaster. Below is an excerpt from MoveOn's recent email emission:

And once again, those at the heart of the tragedy can best demand accountability and focus the debate on issues that matter most. So we're launching a non-partisan emergency fund to support the post-hurricane equivalent of the "Jersey Girls"—groups of evacuees who are organizing to make their voices heard in Washington. Please help us raise $100,000 today . . ..

Yes, it's obviously all about helping the victims. Funny, haven't heard too much about any MoveOn folks down on the ground in the Gulf Coast helping out the people, like the armies of compassion mustered by The Salvation Army.


Blogger cookie jill said...

Carol -

MoveOn has organized thousands of homeless Katrina victims to be set up in housing with MoveOn members and believers.

It has organized food and clothing drives.

Just because their efforts aren't recognized in the Republican talking points, doesn't make their efforts "non existant"

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... together with the NAACP has recently launched a website,, to connect empty beds with hurricane victims who need a place to stay. Offers of housing can be posted at the website. MoveOn will pass requests from hurricane victims or relief agencies on to volunteer hosts, who can decide whether to respond to a particular request. The host will remain anonymous until they reply to someone looking for housing. As of today thousands have of people have been placed in homes.

If Rita is as bad as we think it will be the site will extended for use there.

Additionally MoveOn & the NAACP have coordinated scores of truckloads of medical supplies, ice, and paper products to hard hit communities in Gulfport and Mississippi. MoveOn & the NAACP also coordinated the relocation of 600+ people to temporary shelters.

As for people politicizing this disaster. I refer you to your own blog. One would be hard pressed to more radically biased view of the world.

6:08 AM  
Anonymous bill zybokowski said...

The half-asses federal response to this disaster should be politicized. People in this country need to wake up to the fact that if you fill important government agencies like FEMA full of inexperienced political flunkeys what you get is a mess. That mess needs to be investigated because people died as a result of that cronyism. And are still suffering. I know I have relatives in Mississippi who have suffered FEMAs incompetence firsthand. I am not defending the local response which was horrible as well, but when several days into the crisis the federal government including the president and the director of FEMA knows less about what is going on in a disaster than anyone watching CNN, FOX, or NBC we have a tremendous failure of government defensible only by the the most blindly partisan ideologues like yourself.

8:39 AM  

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