Carol Platt Liebau: A Different "Ginsburg Precedent"

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Different "Ginsburg Precedent"

Noted legal expert Ronald Cass discusses the other "Ginsburg precedent." No, not the fact that then-Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg refused (correctly) to reveal how she would vote on the Supreme Court -- but the fact that President Bill Clinton cared not at all about maintaining the "ideological balance" on the Court that we've started to hear so much about.

But of course, you knew about it already -- the same point was made here back on August 5.


Blogger Poison Pero said...


The mantra being chanted across the Conservative blogosphere.

Here's hoping Bush tosses his name into the ring the minute Roberts is confirmed.
And if he is filibustered, Bush should alert the Dems he'll be nominating a hard-righty to any federal court position available.......At a rate of 1 nominee per week of filibustering!!

Let them filibuster till their heart's content, but make it painful.

And if the McCainites insist on playing ball with the Dems, make it politically impossible for him to win in 2008......But if he plays nice, he'll make it likely he'll be nominated himself.

11:23 AM  

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