Carol Platt Liebau: Krauthammer's <i>Certain</I>-ly Right

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Krauthammer's Certain-ly Right

Today's must-read: Charles Krauthammer's "In Defense of Certainty".

It's hard to understand why liberals and intellectuals love to see everything as relative and nuanced and subtle -- and why they display such animosity to those who don't, particularly people of faith.

No, no one but God can be certain that he or she is right . . . but at least people of faith are willing to proclaim the fact that there is a right (and, correspondingly, a wrong) -- a distinction that many liberals seem afraid to make.


Blogger cookie jill said...

I have found that not everything in life is black or white, right or wrong, left or right. There ARE shades of grey.

Thou shalt not kill is about as "black" as you can get and yet certain people of faith have no problem with sending folks off to war to kill nor do they have any problem giving people the death penalty. Any excuse given to support the killing is just giving shades of grey.

Don't even get me started on the "don't lie" stuff. (WMD? Enron?)

What many people find so repulsive these days is being told they are going to hell for being the "wrong brand" of Christians. That they are unpatriotic for being the "wrong brand of Christian". That being a different faith is treasonous. Many Catholic friends of mine are heartbroken that they are not deemed "christian" enough. Many Jewish friends are heartbroken that certain "brands of Christianity" have forgotten that Jesus himself was Jewish.

As a Buddhist, the only hell that I believe in is the one that I see people of a certain "faith" giving others because of the hate they hold in their hearts for anyone "different" than themselves.

Seeing shades of grey in life allows for inclusion. Black and White excludes.

You know I love and appreciate you! I disagree with most everything, but I appreciate your passion and your intellect and your generosity to share. Those beliefs are YOUR realtiy, not mine. Doesn't make them right or wrong....they are just yours acumulated through your experiences. Now, If I only viewed things as black or white, I would truly lose out on the wonderful and varied gifts you share. My world would be much less rich of experience.

Of THAT, I am Certain!

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