Carol Platt Liebau: Thanks, Hugh

Friday, May 27, 2005

Thanks, Hugh

And Duane, along with Adam and Moses . . .

It was an honor and a treat to sit behind Hugh Hewitt's microphone today, ably assisted by the indispensable Generalissimo (a/k/a Duane) and the rest of the team.

There were so many stories that we didn't even get to -- but I'll use them as blogfodder tomorrow.

Had a lot of fun in the third hour, proving (tongue in cheek) that "real" conservatives don't flock to the movies with the liberal hordes -- they rent DVD's, instead. But then I came home to find this pithy paragraph as part of an email from my friend Karen:

I'm not a radio show caller, but I was tempted to call this afternoon. Someone should have put you and Dwayne in a pickle by suggesting that Hugh Hewitt is a conservative who is a movie goer. It's amazing how many movies he and "the fetching Mrs. Hewitt" go to see all the time. Too bad no one did that! I am sure the two of you would have had a creative response.

Mmmm . . . maybe our response would have gone something like this: Karen, are you suggesting that Hugh isn't a real conservative? Tee hee.


Blogger cookie jill said...

I was thinking about calling in, but you were on a roll and didn't want to walk away BBQ'd.

And, I will agree with you on one thing, you can't just give a blanket "dont' question" ticket to John McCain.

I just wish he would agree with the "correct" side of the aisle more often.

Love you, Carol. You sounded great on the radio!

8:43 PM  

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