Carol Platt Liebau

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Now George Voinovich really has something to cry about. Helen Thomas, the batty old aunt in the attic, admires him.

That's enough to make someone run from the room, screaming as if his hair were on fire.


Blogger cookie jill said...

I called Senator Voinovich's Ohio office this morning and thanked him for bravery and honesty and heartfelt statement.

His staff was polite and very nice to me as I relayed my message of "thanks"

Now...Now...Helen Thomas has been at her craft for a long time and has always given President's grief. Every President has rolled his eyes and answered her questions the best they could...every President except 43. He's black listed her. What's he so afraid of?

Love you, Carol! ;-) Just wanted you to know that I actually do call up and speak to Republicans (other than your marvelous self, of course.)

12:13 AM  

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