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Sunday, May 22, 2005

In the wake of the Newsweek debable, John Leo has some interesting reflections on the state of the MSM.

Next to the ideological conformity imposed on university campuses, elite newsrooms must be the least ideologically diverse places in the country. Some, like the Sunday Opinion Editors at The Los Angeles Times, actually seem to be making efforts to reach out to conservatives (they invited both Hugh Hewitt, me and another conservative or two to participate in their Mayor Blog, and publish at least more conservative pieces in the paper; a good start).

For the most part, however -- as ABC White House correspondent Terry Moran admitted to Hugh Hewitt last week (cited both in Leo's piece and on "Special Report with Brit Hume"), journalists are monolithically liberal, which makes certain types of terrible mistakes, like the Newsweek story, likely to occur -- over and over again.


Blogger solburger said...

The core problem with the media is SCHOOLS.
Yes, schools!

After all these busts of the MSM....have they learned anything? Unfortunately, no. And until some great charismatic leaders comes forward to clearly and logically refute the MSM, and slap them silly in public, it will continue on it ideological path.

I would like to contend and am sad to say that geting Jordan, Rather and Newsweek in trouble has done nothing to change the liberal press.
They can keep the main lie going by confessing ocassional errors, one here, one there to keep from admitting the real bias is ongoing and unrelenting.

We, the New Media, must attach the real problem to the individuals involved. And that is that we have a brainwashed, party-line media.

I blame CBS, Rather is incendental and weak minded.
I blame CNN, Jordan is one of scores who need attention.
I blame Newsweek's illogical Anti-Americanism and am not so worried about a needy attempt for a hot story.

I would rather trade Newsweek admitting its anti-American skew for one edition than get that lame apology about the Koran in the toilet. CNN is still CNN. All publications have a tendency to streatch to have cool stories, but I am so tired of the America-bashing.

May the true debate begin... why are the media leftists? And we know the answer: schools are controled by liberals and this must be stopped.
Its all about schools.

4:20 PM  

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