Carol Platt Liebau: Down with Diet Pepsi!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Down with Diet Pepsi!

I've long been a too-good consumer of Diet Pepsi -- but thanks to this speech from a truly clueless and juvenile executive, those days are over (at least until she is out of a job).

Diet Coke With Lime, here I come!


Blogger David said...

I'm 100% with you on a personal boycott (with the addition of letters to Pepsi) of Pepsi products. Unfortunately, just before I read of—then read—the remarks you refer to by Indra Nooyi, I stocked up on Doritos... *sigh* If I'm going "off" Diet Pepsi, I'll have to forgo as many other Pepsico products as I can identify and that means Frito-Lay Brands, Pepsi-Cola Brands, Gatorade Brands , Tropicana Brands and Quaker Brands.

And I'll do it. I'm still not watching ANYTHING on CBS... heh (Although do spend too much time every month sending emails and making phone calls to CBS and our local affiliate telling them why I am not viewing BS any longer and why I still encourage everyone I know to do the same... )

Step one in my private boycott of Pepsi is in process now. Step 2 will be blogging my boycott. Then comes th letter- and email-writing and phone calls. Next is encouraging folks I come into contact with daily to do the same.

I can budget my time to add those to my week/month.

As long as Pepsico has Indra Nooyi on board, they get no more business from me.

5:02 PM  

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